Our Story

Cheekywell is a company all about female wellness and health.

We're a group of female artisans designing and handcrafting the organic full spectrum CBD wellness products we want to use, which means we craft extraordinary hemp oil products with exceptional ingredients, quality and taste - which is awesome for you, because we always make plenty of whatever we're making for us.  

Cheekywell is founded on the understanding that plants can heal us and food is medicine.  We believe in the power of scientific knowledge coupled with intuitive feminine understanding, and we practice abundant health through whole plant wellness.  We accept the responsibility of improving the health of our planet and of our own wellbeing and happiness.  Our goal is the maximum optimization of energy, wellness and serenity.

One day we took a vote and decided not to do anything we don't want to do.  So now we spend our days transforming simple, pure ingredients into nourishment and support for the body, heart, and mind.  

You're so welcome.

Anita Pluymen, Founder and Lead Designer