Anxiety Tamer Collection

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Save 10% with Our Anxiety Tamer Collection

Cool Mint Hemp Tincture 1oz 600mg 
Anxiety Stress Chocolate Bar 1.2oz 80mg
Muscle Recovery Cream 1oz 200mg
Peaceful Mind Pre-roll

My favorite way to use our Cool Mint Tincture is to place 1 full dropper under my tongue and hold it for 30-60 seconds twice daily for optimal calm and ease.  

Promoting calm and ease while boosting vitamins A, C & E, potassium and magnesium, our Anxiety Stress Relief Chocolate Bar is vegan, gluten free, and handmade in Austin, TX. 

Our Peaceful Mind Pre-roll was formulated to support a state of peace with yourself. Ideal for when your physical and mental body need to connect.

Soothe tense muscles with this fast acting, CBD Muscle Recovery Cream. Ideal for smaller, specific areas like the knuckles, knees, and feet.