Family Calmer Collection

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Save 10% with our Family Calmer Collection

Juicy Lemon Hemp Tincture 1oz 600mg 
Happy Pooch Pet Tincture 1oz 200mg
Serenity Bath Soak 8.5oz 200mg

My favorite way to use our Juicy Lemon Tincture is to place 1 full dropper under my tongue and hold it for 30-60 seconds before I start my bedtime routine. This ensures a restful night's sleep. 

"Still water meditation" is our favorite synonym for a 20 minute bath enriched with our deliciously scented hemp infused Serenity Bath Soak. Step out of your bath calm and moisturized.

Our pets feel our anxiety and may need a little extra help to ease their stress. Soothe their inflammation, joint pain, or anxiety with our Happy Pooch Pet Tincture.