Empowering Female Orgasms Since 2016

Jun 19th 2019

Empowering Female Orgasms Since 2016

Thoughtfully designed by women for women to support increased sexual pleasure.

Our female Arousal Oil is a deeply nurturing and organic lubricant formulated with CBD and contains a delicate blend of organic ingredients including cacao, vanilla, and Bulgarian rose oil to amplify a women's sexual pleasure and help her enjoy orgasms that are fuller, more intense, and easier to access. 

According to first hand reports of our users, it also reduces pelvic discomfort.

Uniting the power of science with the strength of ancient plant wisdom, we design organic CBD products to enhance and support women’s wellness and pleasure.

We believe sexual vitality is energy, and energy creates momentum for transformation.  Our founder, Anita Pluymen, says, “More women having fabulous orgasms will change the world.”

Crafted with the finest full spectrum hemp CBD our arousal oil contains only organic, plant-based ingredients.