Meet Our Founder


“As a busy mom of five with a full time career, I know the challenge faced by working moms: balancing family, career, community, and self. I built Cheekywell to make at least one small part of this juggling act easier.  Our commitment to clean and natural products and the extensive work we have done to ensure integrity and quality throughout our supply chain empowers women to quickly and easily make good choices for themselves and their families.  

Our values, Honor Nature, Inspire Trust, and Revisit Ancient Medicine, are alive in all of our products and represent a space that we aspire to share with you, our customers.  Our commitment to integrity in business and fairness in pricing is how we seek to earn your trust and loyalty.”

Anita Pluymen, Founder 


Organic Wellness Products infused with certified organic hemp extracts.

Inspired by the empirical strength of science coupled with the wisdom of traditional herbal medicine. 

Ethically Sourced ingredients from farmers and herbalists worldwide with a laser focus on the environmental and social impact of every decision we make.

Handcrafted in small batches using old-world methods to ensure the quality that is our promise to you.



Our giving program:

We believe in being fair, acting responsibly and choosing kindness. Your purchase benefits, supporting human rights globally. By supporting the cause of human rights worldwide, you bring hope to those without them.