• impudent or irreverent


  • in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal
  • free or recovered from illness
  • in a condition of prosperity or comfort

Cheekywell - T
hat's us, and we invite you to join our tribe.  

Who are we?  We’re a group of female artisans in Austin, Texas, making organic products enriched with full spectrum hemp extract.  We craft everything here in our facility in west Austin.

Not to brag, but we think our plant-based products are pretty fierce.  We appreciate the support plants provide us when it comes to maintaining balance and wellness, and we design everything we craft as herbalists who are madly in love with hemp.  Creatively speaking, it's a sweet space to live.

Are we cheeky? Yes we are, and proud of it.  We promote pleasure and joy as vital, fundamental elements of authentic wellness.  If we're saying no to that, we're saying no to a big slice of all that wonder that life can be.  We bring the pleasure principle into the design of the organic hemp extract products that go in and on your body to help you appreciate, embrace, and celebrate you in the full experience of life.