Our Story

We're Cheekywell


  • impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way


  • in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal
  • free or recovered from illness
  • in a condition of prosperity or comfort

We’re a group of female artisans who design organic full spectrum CBD products with one mission: to
support the health and cheeky wellness of women and those we love and nurture, be it a partner, child, parent, or friend -four or two legged, furry or hairless, we don’t judge. 

Are we cheeky? Absolutely. Beyond a doubt.  To infinity. We believe that pleasure and joy are essential for wellness, and we carry that mindfulness into the design and crafting of our organic CBD products that go in and on your body to help you heal, embrace, and celebrate all of a woman’s life experiences. 

We are guided by a profound purpose: We design everything knowing that plants heal us. 

So the plants we use must be grown in the most pristine, responsible way possible. Our ingredients are organically certified and sustainably grown, from our single-sourced chocolate to our single-strain hemp, family-farm cultivated, fed by the sun above the richest soil of Colorado.  We produce our CBD through CO2 extraction.  We use only full spectrum CBD – we’ve never used isolate and never will.

And to us, our CBD isn’t the entire offering, but rather its keystone.  We artfully blend our rich hemp oil with nature’s choice ingredients to create the richest flavor profiles, intricately layered fragrance notes, and most impactful multisensory experiences. It’s the sum of all the parts, for wellness of all our parts.

All our products—from our chocolates to our body products to our pet tinctures—were developed from a very personal need that one of us, or one of our loved ones, had. Which means each Cheekywell product is our truly personal offering to the world. We didn’t create them to earn: we created them to heal. And we can’t think of a better reason to exist. We hope you feel it in everything we offer.