Introducing the first organic soy lecithin-free CBD chocolate bar.*

Crafted in microbatches by female artisans, your Sleep CBD chocolate bar offers full spectrum CBD without the psychoactive effect of THC.  Made with 72% single origin dark chocolate with no soy lecithin, it's a decadently healthy way to enjoy the benefits of organic CBD.

Our organic hemp-infused Sleep bar is thoughtfully crafted to support your wellness. Non-psychoactive and used by women throughout centuries, hemp oil promotes relaxation and restful sleep. Passionflower reduces stress and anxiety. Almonds  give a boost of protein, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron & soluble fiber.

Our CBD is grown organically on a small farm about three hours outside Crested Butte, Colorado.  Our farm team grows one superior genetic strain of hemp outdoors in full sunshine and fresh air, utilizing sustainable farming practices.  After careful drying, our hemp is processed through supercritical CO2 extraction into Cannabidiol-rich oil.   Rest assured you'll always get the same extensive benefits of the same superior CBD in every batch we craft.  

Our single origin Dominican Republic 72% dark chocolate is grown on small farms and processed without soy lecithin or other preservatives.

Your Sleep CBD chocolate bar is handmade with only real, organic, whole food ingredients: Organic Single Origin Dominican Republic 72% Dark Chocolate  (Unsweetened Chocolate, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla Extract), Almonds, Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract, Passionflower.

Allergy Warning: Handcrafted in a facility where soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy products may be present.

8 piece breakaway bar in a lined & resealable package for your convenience.  

1.2 oz bar 

80mg CBD  = 10mg per serving

*Contains .29% or less THC. Available everywhere.

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The Sleep Bar

Dan Levine on Oct 22nd 2019

Its chocolate. Its CBD. It helps you sleep. The picture on the label is actually truth in advertising. Warning: if you buy one, you will buy a dozen. Worth every penny.

Darn good chocolate, etc ...

Danno on May 20th 2019

I have plenty of discipline but its gonna be tough making this last.